Friday, November 20, 2009

Perfect Pear Tart With the Gals

I had the best pear tart today...made perfectly with a carmelized sticky dense thin crust and caramel sauce...

Le Vallauris in Palm Springs is one of my favorite restaurants. This time of year is the best when you can sit outside under the lush and gorgeous trees with light that weeds through the leaves reminding you of the French countryside. We always sit in the same place, Lilli's favorite chair, in the corner looking out among the fullness of people enjoying themselves slowly. Today Justine joins us only pronounced "Joostine" like the French version. Lilli always tells me about the real Vallauris and how much I would love it, being like Picasso in a Roman style diaper wrap painting in the sunshine with the world to view.

We eat various things. I usually order the Asian Beef Salad which has the tangiest cold and perfect dressing or the escargot when with my friend Dixie and usually Chardonnay here, although I am the typical red wine girl. But today I tried the new flat bread with loads of tomato and fresh, crumbled goat cheese. A beautiful Nicoise was placed in front of Justine with freshly seared Ahi with a seed crust and Lilli opted for the special sole with mashed cauliflower.

We usually don't eat dessert unless we are at Le Vallauris and we ordered the new pear tart, "With three plates and forks." It arrived in a surprisingly brown and seductive shell, verging on chocolate, with a middle of sweet pear slices and a drizzly-topped with caramel sauce. Ice cream and a wafer thin hydrated whole pear slice added a delightful addition.

We all kept eating tiny bites...until we devoured the whole thing.

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