Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Macrobiotic with the Barones!

The Barones rock. Not only are they true artists, but they are amazing people as well, who invited me over for lunch at their place for some macrobiotic delights! I had seen the jars of nuts and seeds and beans in their cupboard before but never realized the food could be so good. A soup was cooking on the stove when I arrived, host to sweet potato and squashes and carrots and a separate pot waiting for wheat fusili. I spent some time touring their outdoor sculptures of fun foods like macaroni and cheese speared with a fork; french fries, perfectly golden and falling from a carton; a meat ball swimming in a saucy spoon. Then on to their paintings, multicolored and depthful swimming with images of the feminine in history, with my glass of the sparkling iced drink that Tony made me filled with a a cherry red Italian wine and apple cider. Back on the kitchen bar stool I whisked the miso that was added to the soup and then dove into my smoking bowl. Biting into a spicy yellow chunk produced a ginger burst in my mouth. Within in minutes I was sweating bullets, it felt so cleansing and good! I was lucky enough to get a big bowl to go...


  1. Sounds amazing. I have a friend who makes his own kieffer. He made me this salsa once that was to die for. Next time you go there bring me some left overs mmmmmmm. Great blog I love it.

  2. next time I go there I will take you with me Hugh!