Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Hangover Cure

Okay, I admit, now that I am in my mid thirties, I try to not find an occasion to need the almighty hangover cure remedy anymore. There simply are not enough hours in the day as it is, let alone, allowing myself the freedom to succumb to all night parties or long days after succumbing to the couch and the thudding headache. But every once in a while in life, it's time to cut a rug and what better than a holiday such as Halloween for an excuse to do so. Which is why this past haunted day, I danced too much and dipped into the dry ice boiling cauldron one too many times for the surprise bubbly punch. Thank goodness a gaggle of us ended up at a friend's house for coffee and breakfast in what became a deliciously simple yet luxe hangover meal that allowed me to be semi-productive the following day. I would prescribe this to all...go to Trader Joe's and stock the cupboard for anytime in the future you decide to go out and have a little too much fun!

Essential Ingredients:
Thick, maple wood smoked bacon, the kind you still have to tear off in meaty strips in order to fry.
Pumpkin spice waffle mix
Butter (no syrup)
Organic free trade coffee

Whip it all up in a matter of minutes and get out the guitar laying strewn in last night's corner and play a few renditions of Carly Simon and Stevie Nicks, the perfect accompaniment to the morning after voice!

P.S. If it's day lights savings time, try to remember the night before you wake up so you don't lose that extra hour of sleep!

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  1. wow, that Stevie Nicks singer must have sounded good!