Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mexican Mornings Are Best!

I love Mexican breakfasts. Whether it is visiting San Francisco and eating Mission neighborhood chorizo and eggs with fat and fluffy tortillas and flat watery beans with my friend Danny, or our own little Don and Sweet Sue's in Cathedral City with the perfectly crumbled and spicy chorizo and eggs, to the huevos rancheros basic plate for mere bucks at John's where you can fold in the crispy brown hash browns with the green chili sauce--no matter how it is cooked, it is hard to find a bad Mexican meal first thing in the morning. Essentials are refried beans, homemade torts, scrambled eggs for me, a couple dashes of Tapatio, shredded cheese and it's good to go. My most recent huevos rancheros was made to order for me by a couple I know who make "from scratch" meals three times a day. Adding to the usual mix was the special simmered chili spread swimming in tangy, languid peppers and the way they piled everything up on the tortilla with a hat of melting cheese. Perfect Sunday favorite food!

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