Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Coachella Carb-A-Thon

This is the camping version of my blog where I road test the lower brow forms of my foodie landscape looking for the gems in a weekend spent at Coachella where I finally gave up on the food and looked forward instead to the pre-fest morning breakfast runs to get much needed fuel for the daily seven hours of dancing and walking.

We started innocently enough with subs from town before heading in. Turkey, provolone and tons of peppers to carb load for the dancing that was sure to follow.

This seriously scared me. I had the bite of one end before deciding to abort the whole meal further. But they were scarfed down rather quickly by the lot of my friends who were ooohing and aaaahing over the mess of it.


See “scared” comment above. Although I can pretty much justify eating ANY kind of pizza, and this one had that spice of outdoor festival special seasoning that made the tomato sauce good, I stuck with my one bite rule again.

Town Center CafĂ© in Palm Desert has been serving this classic hybrid greek scramble for a while now and it’s famous for it. Where else can you get perfect, fluffy scramble eggs mixed with the most tender gyro meat and fresh tomatoes in a world of otherwise traditional breakfast restaurants? The unassuming place has a heavy local following and I can see why in this dish alone. Tabasco added woke me up for Day Two of dancing and walking. 

This was my downfall. A simple grilled cheese sandwich with good cheddar thinly sliced with the addition of three fried mozzarella sticks in the middle. How can you not want to bite into a melty, salty chunk of hot mozzarella in the middle of all this? The bread was brioche like, soft and thick. It came from the Manglers Meltdown truck, which looked like one of those old carnival rides at a fair where heavy metal is played at blast speed throughout the ride. 

My favorite almond croissant at my old haunt Il Sogno on El Paseo. We scored the last three from the plate on the counter, thankfully. Yes, this was to be another day of dancing that needed an energy boost…


Il Sogno lured a friend with this apple tart, made of sweet, consistently plump, non-sweetened apples poached in something deep and mysterious on a simple, thin and dense crust.

Poached eggs and green pepper egg sandwiches are other usual choices amongst our bunch.

Sometimes during weekends outside your norm, you need to eat things you normally wouldn’t but secretly crave. Like chipwiches and mimosas...as different exclamation points at the beginning and end of the day. 

On day three, we sent our friend into the VIP area. She had been slumming with us this whole time and then we discovered that the Coolhaus ice cream sandwich truck was inside her area. So she went on a mission to bring us back samples of the reputed items. We tried snickerdoodle with mint ice cream, strawberry ice cream on oatmeal, and bacon ice cream on a dark cookie. A bite of each was pretty yummy but the bacon one just tasted a little gross. I am getting over that taste combination of bacon in juxtaposed textured foods and flavors.

I tried to support my inner missions about food by trying the Green Truck’s grass fed burger. But it wasn’t good and didn’t last in my possession very long. The bun was dry as was the burger and the shredded pile of cheddar was skimpy. I had expected more. A burger was already ten bucks, but with each addition of cheese and anything else you had to pay another three dollars per item. Price didn’t mesh with taste at all.

We survived the in between hours with snuck-in candy sticks.

The last morning called for a trip back to Town Center for more greek scrambles and a few bites of a waffle to get us through another day.

I woke up this morning heavily craving yogurt, water and a whole legion of greens…which I will be partaking in heavily for the remainder of this week.

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