Monday, September 24, 2012

Rawgasms with Cashew Cream Exclamation Points

Yes this is a piece about my favorite palace of food porn; but not the cheap and tawdry, big breasted, Pamela Anderson-esque, boring all American fruit and pound cake version. This is the alternative food porn for those, who like me, have discovered and fallen into deep-seated and hot lust with the world of raw food.

This is an appetizer and basically consists of dried coconut strip jerky covered in curry that you then dip into a puffy swirl of raw cashew mayonnaise that I could slurp up by the spoonful all on my own. I actually run my fingers around the tiny silver bowl when done to get every last drop. There’s something about the way these raw food cooks use nuts to emulate fat and cream but in a way that also incorporates a hint of sweet that holds the key to my heart.

For the past year I have wondered how a restaurant could possibly even get away with having a name like Rawvolution Loves Euphoria!: touting themselves cockily as a place where bliss can be found! But then to my utter surprise I will end up falling into the deepest of heartache over and over again for the food. I have not had the same thing twice and that’s a huge feat for me. I usually find something I love and never go off it, and here, even though I LOVE everything I try, I still know that I am going to love the next thing so much that it has turned me into a constant daredevil.

The first thing I did a few weeks ago, after getting back into my little sea bungalow from a nomadic summer, was hop on my bike, head to my raw heaven, take a seat, get a kiss blown to me by the always friendly wait staff while receiving a glass of room temperature, refreshing cucumber water and look for something yet unexplored.

Sometimes the pad thai is made with zucchini ribbons but since that season is gone it was made with bursting, translucent kelp noodles. The sauce was a decadent almond cream and every bite burst in my mouth like a dose of ambrosia tossed with bits of red pepper, sesame seeds, faux egg that is eerily like uni, and long meaty rivulets of fresh, coconut meat.

I ordered way more than my stomach could handle and then I ate every single bite. It’s just like Chinese food in that you can eat a whole plate of something and get full and ten minutes later be hungry again and eat another bowl of something else. And you also think you are eating an outrageous load of calories but then in the end realize that the actual lack of them makes you just want to weep with joy.

Dessert made with all the nectar of raw nature like cacao, peppermint oil, agave, and spirulina but tasting like the most delicious chocolate and minty cake. Only denser and more filling!

Because I am a poor artist and writer, I only get to eat here once a month if that and it occurred to me while writing this entry that I can not continue to write about the same place so repetitively. So, I have decided to learn how to cook raw on my own so that I don’t have to withhold my desires, or the sharing of them with you, and was very happy to find a starter website with recipes that seem on par with my favorite place. 

I am sure you will be seeing them pop up here now and again as I learn the culinary secrets that drive us modern day, probiotic, super-food seeking rabbit types wild.

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