Thursday, June 21, 2012

Euphoric Raw Food for a Red, Ripe Heart

Once a week I take my bike for a long morning ride to a regular meeting and on my way home I lock it up to a stake outside a place that I have developed a serious feel good crush on: Euphoria Loves Rawvolution! Yes, that is really the name of a restaurant. I know it may sound hippie dippie and strange but there is no mistaking the serious caliber-above-the-rest ambiance and food at this amazingly seductive place. It has all the best things about a yoga girl without the hoodoo voodoo sense of flakiness some may veer away from in the new age.

I have had serious addictions to health food joints before like my old desert haunts Native Foods, Palm Greens, and Luscious Lorraine's but this one has currently stolen my fickle heart with its penchant for real, authentic quality of ingredients and exquisite, NON-health food tasting health food greats. And it's ALL RAW. I know I am in lust when it takes me an excruciating amount of time to order because I want everything right then and there. I never order the same thing and probably won’t until I try every single thing on the menu. If health food could be called comfort food for the body, joints and bones, this place would win the golden seal.

I always walk in and sit on a stool at the very same place in the middle of the space where a wooden bar lets me sprawl out with a book pulled out of my purse and even plugs for my laptop when I am feeling like getting a little social fodder for my short stories.

They have an amazing array of salads, soups and wraps that you won’t find anywhere else. My favorite bowl of greens is this version bursting with seaweed, kale, sesame seeds, tahini and cashew cheese tofu. It seems small but I walk away full, tanginess on my tongue.

They have special drinks, boosts, shots and elixirs that contain secret ingredients like superfoods, tonics and tinctures. Today, after feeling a little bit spent after last night’s solstice rituals I performed with friends, I was seeking a little extra support for my heart, which is currently in full love mode for the world and those I hold dear. I asked the waitress which one would provide my blood a healthy dose of circulation and she pointed to one on the menu. But when she actually delivered the ripe, ruby red little potion to me, she whispered in my ear that she had concocted a special one for my bursting aorta that was not on the menu but that she felt would be best for my desires. It tasted like the pulp of some heavenly, angelic fruit.

Today’s surprise was this Italian pizza made on Rawvolution’s famous onion bread, of which I was lucky enough to discover the recipe online and will definitely be making at home someday when I decide to finally purchase a dehydrator. The dense, cracker like bread, savory with onion flavor came topped with fresh sunflower seed cheese spread, sliced mushrooms, green olives, sun dried tomato sauce, and bits of lettuce. Each bite was a slice of healthy ambrosia.

I left as always hankering for more. I always intend to eat a slice of one of the many dessert cheesecakes made from things like natural cacao, maca, goji and others nutritious sweets in the deli case near the cash register, or at least a dollop of their vegan gelato. But the small sized entrees are perpetually deceiving as they get you properly full without the added promise of extra body weight.

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