Monday, November 26, 2012

Best Los Angeles Burger Found at Plan Check

House made vanilla cream soda at Plan Check on top of 
their cocktail menu filled with nice little surprises

Hyped up and hungry after seeing the latest James Bond flick Skyfall in Westwood yesterday, we planned on checking a burger off of our burger-hunt list by visiting Plan Check on Sawtelle.  The restaurant, which sits like an alternative, last resort on a street filled with Asian dining is something that has intrigued our radar for a while, especially in the beef department. After an intensely satisfying meal there and my subsequent coining of it “my favorite burger in Los Angeles” of the moment (yes, even throwing the almost unflappable one at Rustic Canyon to second place) we decided that it could also be our go-to food haunt post-movies in Westwood since we’ve discovered there just aren’t that many great choices in eating around there.

We sat outside since it was a balmy warm post-holiday weekend on non-pretentious and old-fashioned cast metal chairs around an industrial chic concrete table. To start we shared the chunky fries cooked in beef tallow and discovered the tangy, pickled ginger spiked and fresh tomato pureed ketchup that was a fresh and sprightly delight.

I ordered one of three burgers, which included a plain wagyu beef and cheese version, and a messy and lustful bacon, hot sauce and egg version, and mine – The Bleuprint. This is simply the best tasting burger I’ve had so far anywhere: meat that was dripping red and warm on the inside while retaining a nice smoky caramelization on the outside; a bun that was crispy and golden brown yet soft; just enough fried onions to add texture and saltiness without overwhelming with hard bits; a few sprigs of peppercress, a luscious dollop of roasted garlic steak sauce; and pig candy, which was basically bacon turned into a sticky, chewy, sweet fruit roll up that I swore is the object embodiment of sin.

The Cute Gardener ordered the fried chicken because he has a fried chicken list as well as a burger list and knew he would get half of my dish in the end. A generous portion arrived where a great, crumbly fry crust covered perfectly tender chicken pieces, swimming in a lovely smoked milk gravy with some freshly made yam preserves on the side that tasted bright and fruity. The spicy, pickled okra was a crunchy and juicy little gem of a side.

Consistently with each dish no ingredient or item served were ordinary, but a custom created blend of unique flavors that became signature to the restaurant’s tastes. I haven’t had a meal like this in a while; where every single element stands out and completely causes awe and a smile. I left already mentally planning what I would order on my next trip, happy tongue and tummy ready for a continued lazy Sunday.

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