Friday, October 5, 2012

Sexy Superfood Pudding

My soul sister Sonia blew into town on a whim last night as the clock struck twelve, the witching hour, trailing behind her a sea of baskets and baubles into my lair. Although I was exhausted from a three-hour play rehearsal and she was spent from a daylong drive to me from the Grand Canyon, we shared a glass of wine and some catching up on life about our nomadic summers before putting ourselves to bed. Visions of the jars in her wicker basket danced in my head all night and we awoke at the crack of dawn to concoct a super food pudding for breakfast before both separating outwards on the road of our individual journeys that lay ahead.  

Make no bones about it: I am an admitted glutton of all things food but the current target of my obsession is the sexy world of super foods. Yes, sexy, as in ripe, life giving, energizing and beauty making odds and ends of the earth that when combined create the ultimate tonics and concoctions of true beauty. There’s nothing more sensual than knowing that the spoonful that passes my lips each morning will not only deliver life-extending vitamins, hair growing minerals, skin flushing proteins, blood pumping injections and body sculpting boosters but that it will counteract the weekend gourmet food and foodie indulge-fests with the Cute Gardener leaving me perpetually in a state of blissed out balance. Not to mention that these bites are simply orgasmic. When I eat this stuff I taste the earth, the rivers, the trees, the forest, the grass, the fungi, the elements and the universe and it is an instant shock of cold water, exhilarating to the mind, body and soul.

This morning’s bounty consisted of chia seeds, chia powder, maca, cacao, cordycyps, mangosteen, and blue-green algae mixed until plump and absorbed in water spiked with organic raw honey.

The whole mix was left to sit for half an hour and then we poured it yin yang style into a bowl with organic vanilla yogurt and swirled. Pure bliss ensued. Now, eight hours later, I have been to a stamp exhibit, engaged in an intense healing session and worked my buns off on writing assignments and still feel like running up a mountain and back down again. If that’s not evidence of the juicy, ripe meat of life, I don’t know what is!

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