Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Miramonte Munchies with the Mentor

My mentor, the artist Gesso Cocteau, is constantly feeding me when I go to her house for my regular monthly afternoon visits. Vitamin packets and art catalogs from international museums, special art supplies like Japanese papers and potions and herbs for my health like astralagus root and bags of Indian bark and dirt for cleansing teas. And that is exactly the food I wish to be fed by her.

But the last time I went for my bestowing of wisdom visit, she surprised me by heaping a salmon caeaar salad onto a plate for me, from Miramonte Resort. I have been to the resort before. For breakfast once, I had the huevos rancheros, one of my all time favorite breakfast choices. It was truly gourmet and exotic with a simple corn tortilla topped with egg, beans and creamy sour cream sauce. Not my favored Mission Street brand but something I would go back again for. The salad was perfect, and saying that about a basic caesar is bold because it's hard to mess up a caesar even though there are clearly better distinguished versions in the memory.

With a glass of Italian sweet white wine, warm and freshly uncorked, it was an ideal lunch spent eating the chewy croutons, expertly dressed lettuce and perfectly poached salmon steak.

The Miramonte's Restaurant is always open to the public and guests can wander the grounds that have olive trees and other Italian adornments. 

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