Saturday, June 26, 2010

Time For Tequila!

I consider myself a loyal red wine drinker and for the most part I stick to that throughout the year. Passionate about syrahs and shiraz, and secondarily in love with bold cabs and rich zins, I don't teeter far from the probiotic-rich, dark grape trail in my choice of libations.

I am also a beer lover and value nothing better on a hot summer's day that a dark and hearty German cold one to wash down the heat on a lazy afternoon by the pool. But in considering calorie count and carbs, I find myself oftentimes looking for something else to fit the bill that won't be as warm as red wine. Problem is I don't like hard liquor much. The cloying sickly sweetness of whiskey always ends up following me around for days and the crisp, acerbic dryness of vodka makes me feel like I am drinking chemicals rather than cocktails.

On a recent trip to visit my friend Jacob I was re-introduced to the pleasures of tequila. Not the "pour in a shot glass and down like there's no tomorrow" variety of party hearty yesteryear, but the classic and sophisticated sipping kind that brings satisfying refreshment when served on a bed of cool ice with a minimal fruit adornment. While enjoying glasses of Don Julio with lime together on top of a Santa Monica hotel overlooking a June gloom, grey-streaked ocean, I remembered its subtle belly-warming qualities, and deemed it the perfect drink for my summertime.

Later, we enjoyed some Tres Generaciones Plata. It’s un-aged, crystal clear, and triple distilled and made from estate grown 100% blue agave--this time garnished with strawberry. Served with this simple, salad below, it would make the perfect simple summer dinner for two.

Tres Generaciones Salad

2 leaves of French lettuce
4 chopped mint leaves
1 avocado in small cubes
250 g/8 oz chop pineapple
4 raspberries
1 pomegranate, peeled and seeds separated
2 diced tangerine
15 g/2 tbsp diced fresh coriander
Juice of 1 lemon
Juice of 1 lime
Sea salt
4 Spoons of Agave nectar
2 Spoons of olive oil


Mix all ingredients and serve!