Monday, January 18, 2010

Leke Mo Bax- "Eating is Good!"

One of my favorite foodie friends is Chef Andrea Rappaport who lives in San Francisco and whom I had the pleasure to meet for the first time while up there on business last week. Andrea helped open Spago in Vegas and has been written up numerous times for her culinary mastery. So I was thrilled when she told me she was going to take me out one night to a restaurant of her choice in the city. She chose to delight me with African tastes at the Senegalese cuisine joint Bissap Baobab.
The colorful restaurant was packed on a Tuesday night late and we started with appetizers. Aloko was a delicious dish of sliced and fried chewy plantains served with a sweet, creamy tamarind dipping sauce. The Avocat Creole was a half shelved avocado stuffed with spicy crab and rice. The Pasteles were an incredibly chewy and savory deep fried pastry with marinated spinach inside. I fell fast for the Senegalese sweetness and mellow mood that permeated each dish as we sipped our exotic African cocktails. My Fleur (mixture of whisky, tamarind and ginger) made everything go down sunny and warm.
But the piece worthy of my lust was my Crevette Coco entree full of sauteed shrimps in cocunut sauce served with rice and roasted potatoes. Like a sweeter version of curry and in the most creamy, orange colored stew. I am now going to add Senegalese food up there with East Indian as one of my mouth's favorite fares.

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